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Beer Shandies Recipe

Beer Shandies

Description Refreshing, light, and perfect for those looking for a low-alcohol content treat, this beer cocktail formula prepares you for endless combinations and flavors! Ingredients ¾ cup beer ¾ cup lemon-lime...

Fall Apple Pumpkin Shandy

Enjoy this apple pumpkin shandy on a crisp fall evening.

6 fluid ounces pumpkin ale
4 fluid ounces apple cider


Pour ale into a pint glass; slowly stir apple cider into ale.

Nova Scotia Beer Warmer Recipe

Nova Scotia Beer Warmer

Description It gets cold here in Nova Scotia in the winter and we love our beer, so put a little heat to a cool drink to warm you up for that walk home from the bar. Ingredients 1 (12 fluid ounce) can beer 3 dashes hot...