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Mock Peanut Brittle Recipe

Mock Peanut Brittle

Description We grew up munching on this cornflake chewy snack. Of all snacks, this has to be my favorite. After all these years I don't know where this recipe derived from. Didn't have one to follow. Always...

Easy Cookie Brittle

Description Chocolate and peanut butter bars require only 5 ingredients to create a sweet and crowd-pleasing treat for any occasion. Ingredients 1 serving cooking spray 1 cup butter, softened 1 cup white sugar 2 cups...

Pumpkin Seed Beer Brittle Recipe

Pumpkin Seed Beer Brittle

Description Bring something unique to the next party: a bowl of sweet crunchy brittle made with pumpkin seeds and beer. Cayenne pepper and cinnamon add their spicy notes to the candy. Ingredients 1 teaspoon vegetable...